Can’t wait…

Can’t wait to get over BIF presentation tomorrow morning D:

I’m looking forward to the weekend through till Monday for some social life.

Friday- get some workout and movies. Saturday- 2.4km timing and finally get my Gaming mouse feet (worn out so badly, it can’t get any worse). Sunday-Badminton(so how good is Edmund?) and Steamboat with all my cousin at my Sister’s place.

And definitely lots of interesting DotA games… some noobs going to die!

For now, I’m not thinking about the coming exams and tutorial. Must get down to work as it draw nearer though *sigh. Well, life was never a bed of roses. Even if it were, there are thorns on them.

Hope the page remains a positive place for me to reminiscence in time to come.


One thought on “Can’t wait…

  1. Angel says:

    Bed of roses with thorns?? Take care of yourself. Don’t overwork your body as it might cause injuries.

    Looking forward to the steamboat thou.

    Must study & prepare for yr upcoming Semestral Exam.

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