Steamboat is like a family culture passed down by our predecessors.

Cousins get-together for great food! It’s a fun place to socialize. To me, cousins are like a cross between close friends and siblings. You get the best of both worlds coming together minus all the flaws like having to put up with each other like… at home. Fighting over the water heater before the sun rises, etc.

Oh yeah, Ian and Lynette also joined us this time round(!). I don’t see them often other than Chinese New Year and… just not as often as I see the rest.The living distance is definitely the main factor and also I’m not the weekly AhMaKaKia. It’s an on and off thing, see. It’s an awesome addition, but too bad Michelle and Clarence had to give it a miss ):

Everyone seem to be really cheerful before we really had anything going; maybe it’s because of my presence. I don’t know ^___^.

SO MUCH NICE FOOD. Especially with the company and the fact that I don’t have to pay a single cent! Wakakakaka.

Anyways, thanks to all the sponsors and people who attended (:

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