DotA is perfect because it’s not.

DotA is fun because there’s many decisions to be made in every game and very team-oriented (a flaw to public games). It’s like counter-strike except player styles are more diversified and strategy changes accordingly to team’s and opposing lineup. I haven’t even mentioned drafting but it’s only fun to those participating the game, though.

It’s so much more entertaining than other strategy game because you can’t have ‘perfect play’ like starcraft or warcraft.There are ten thousand little decisions every game of DotA, and many of them radically alter the course of the game. It is impossible to pick the absolutely correct choice each time, and it is impossible to play perfectly at every instance. Quoting and example here: In one match, I had a game with my tail between my legs… We can’t possibly win unless we they made a terrible mistake in team engage. But their team’s only carry chooses to teleport to top lane WITHOUT FOG. If he had just went into the forest, we wouldn’t take the initiative. We took the 4 heroes who stayed to push and went on from that single push to win the game (killing the carry as we went along).

Unless DotA is at the point where last-hitting is so perfected that every single creep is either denied or last-hit. One day perhaps teams and skill builds will be crafted so that a player will be able to use a skill as soon as it comes off cooldown, because a skill that’s off cooldown but not being used isn’t doing anything. He will be able to do this because his team has calculated exactly how much mana he needs. Unless DotA is at the point where micro is nearly perfect, where Beastmaster players level their Call of the Wild at exactly the right time to be able to have their hawk be at key places at specific times, fly over the rune spot at exactly 2x:00, and traverse the entire map, never stopping. One day perhaps Waveform and Blink and Wild Axes will always be cast at their absolute maximum range unless it is optimal at a lesser range.

I don’t believe DotA will, or even can, ever be fully optimized like StarCraft/Warcraft can.

DotA also have specific roles although it is not a definite to have all of them… Say in football, keeper is definitely there. In dotA, there is no such thing as a MUST (except for boots :D) And in public there will be a shitload of crap about this… If you are playing Drow Ranger, why are you ganking? Is it going to help you win the game? You are spending time running around the map, neither farming nor getting xp, but rather doing a job that can be done better by someone else. That is not doing your job.

If a CM is depriving and competing with his team’s carry for farm… a CM with dagon will be better or a SF with BKB? Yeah, the SF can be a total noob and the CM a badass like me. But even a farmed noob can do loads.


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