Arsenal is my sweet rum.


van Persie and Ramsey, get your ass back soon! 😀

I don’t know why, but their match results seem to dictate my mood when I’m not doing anything. So you can always look up latest result, that would be the weather forecast equivalence of my happiness index. So you can really guess I’m very satisfied now. Although every match, I feel that we’re near the breaking point… could be one step better.

This is definitely the best team that plays beautiful football. This is definitely the only team that do not need sugar daddies (Man city/Chelsea) or go into debt in order to be poised for a title challenge.

All Arsenal need to do is to ensure the pool of talented players that came out of the academy do not move away to “greener” pasture.

I don’t know whether it’s my bias view or not, but I feel that Arsenal fans tend to be nicer people. Alright, w-t-f. I don’t know, but I just tend to feel that way.

Just look at the following picture I saw from the  footytube community…

The gooners don’t go, “oh you got beaten down real bad like a ******” etc. When there are always some people coming to the page to post e.g. >> “losers without trophy for 5 years”. D: Heck, even the players give me a better impression in every sense. Of course there’s a lot of nice people in every club, but it’s the general bunch of them.

In time to come, we’ll see. When the sugar daddy finds new hobby and the bank comes knocking.



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