Habits vs Resolution


I’ve discovered over the years that there’s a big difference between the formation of habits and simply making resolutions. I believe that one of the keys to successfully implementing permanent change in our lives revolves around instituting new habits. Once a habit is made, we don’t even have to think about it anymore. It becomes second nature. (thesimplemom.wordpress)

Actually I brought it forward from 2010 to try and make a few thing my habit

  1. Run more regularly
  2. Gym 2~3/wk
  3. Even more stringent in my diet?


Actually not eating fast food has already become more than just a habit… I’d buy all the food and prepare them if only my wallet allows (c’mon cereals and sandwich). Hopefully I can get a job fast after my final exams and do that.


New resolutions

  • Save up 20% of income (FINALLY)
  • Sleep earlier?
  • Stop procrastination
  • Stop using vulgarity to describe stuff (lol!)
  • Finish up my excel draft on small business (I finished the book darn long ago)
  • At least a positive flow for my virtual stock exchange simulator
  • Create timetable
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