Ward round experience.

Thank god Dr. Soh(?) did not ask anything about reference range.

Surprisingly, my group can answer most questions. It’s when she ask probing questions that I start to appreciate the practicality of the training we’ve undertake. But I’m afraid a medical technologist won’t be putting it to use. In the end we didn’t get the questions about PT and aPTT… the Doctor (she wanted to) must have seen the smirk on our faces. No problem… no worries! That’s because we’re taking the exams about coagulation studies immediately after the ward round. Even pessimistic Andre wore the bring-it-on look.

If I’m not wrong, ward rounds with consultant takes place only once or twice a week when more important clinical decision in patient’s care are made (therapy change? discharge?). Forgotten whose group got lucky. Other than knowing the numbers and explain treatments to the layman, ward rounds requires a lot of professional skill such as communication and teamwork.

I was actually more interested in seeing how they construct simple summary of the case in no more than a couple of sentences… It’s somewhat like the phlebotomy(venepuncture) week in my opinion.

80% of clinical decisions is influenced by tests result was what we were told… It’s definitely >80%. Otherwise, why would Doctors PMS so hard when the phlebotomist fail to draw the blood? Seriously feel for the phlebotomist too… I’ve seen both sides of the coin. I think patients in Singapore hospitals gets good patient care; without the human touch. “How are you doing today?” is used more like a ‘can opener’ to the REAL content, nobody cares about the answer.


Coagulation exam is a breeeeeeeeze. Theory no problem… But when I get an inconclusive result >> TCT normal + aPTT prolonged (mixed) = Inhibitor of the intrinsic pathway. Because I have manage the feat of having a prolonged aPTT (after mix) for a factor deficiency before. Don’t ask me how I did it… I still can’t figure out what I did wrong. The steps I took is textbook-style.

I don’t really care about the marks from the theory but a mistake for practical exam would be an utter insult.


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