Ended up with 27 points. Excluding 2.4km run, I’ve seen a few people getting 25 points from the 5 stations (I only gotten 22).

It sucks to know that you could’ve done better but didn’t. But my friends are right, if it’s good enough to opt out of the 2-months PT, that’s all it matters. Freaking shoulder injury, I can still feel the pain resonating around the blades. It was only because of ONE wrong pull-up I did not corrected during training that led to this. It goes to show how important proper form is.

If only I had gotten all 30 points, then I’d have the bragging rights 😀

The two stations I didn’t get full points are pull-up station(doh) and standing broad jump(1cm to A but I can’t really swing my arms anymore).

Results in order of my stations:

  1. Shuttle run    9.7sec
  2. Pull-ups         7
  3. Standing broad jump  251cm
  4. Sit-up            49
  5. Sit & reach    49cm

My 2.4km is 10:11… It should be lower because the dumb timer starts before we crossed the line (thought the tag was suppose to keep track). But even without the delay, it will still be in the late 9++minutes. And to think I wanted to finish it at 8m30s, LOL! Not training at the same intensity as secondary days, saw double digit in the minutes for the first time.

All I want now is my shoulders to get better, it’s bothersome.



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