The one bus that changed my life


I wanted to write about my new job… but the fact that I’m right here all goes back to that very one bus. Bus service 75.

April 2008, stranded in the course where he took 20 minutes to decide before the deadline of the Joint Admission Exercise… Still deciding to submit his course transfer slip to the director of LSCT 😐

Because of the bus, I’m late for class. Because I’m late for class, I had to sit at the front row with no one else around. Because there is no one else around except the 3 girls (we were asked to be grouped in 4), I had to group with them. Because I had to group with them, I stayed in my course.  (!)

I forgot the exact roles but…. Kwoon Jiew:”You just need to take time to adapt to the new surrounding”. Grace:”What’s so bad about BMS, you are wasting a place for people who wants to get in”. Sok Chin… Like the one made me go BLT.

If not for that bus driver (who ignored me)… I would’ve submitted the application that day. That’s because we started the project right away and I didn’t want to be such an asshole to make the rest of the project groupmates  with a handicap (well, I’m not sure if I made a positive difference to their grade, HAHAHA).

That’s my reason for staying in BMS (I whine and moan on the very first day that I want to transfer already).

BLT… Evan PEH and RICKY KOEAN is like trying to tell me “let’s go together”. Bitches… Ricky didn’t even apply after successfully persuading me and Evan Peh LEFT ME STRANDED IN PRACTICAL CLASSES FOR HALF A SEMESTER WHEN HE LEFT THE COURSE OUT OF THE BLUE! At least that shows he is more decisive than me… yeah, talk about caring about groupmates! LOL! But well, he is a cool guy anyway.

Apparently Sok Chin is also abandoned by her classmates who’d earlier wanted to get into BLT. I told her about it and she’s like:” Get in or we won’t be friends”. <<< I SWEAR IT’S 90% ALONG THAT LINE. I mean I don’t even wanted to get into BMS… so let’s try BLT right? At least I’ll get so much exemptions that I can finish my degree in a single year at RMIT, AASU. I mean they are not the best universities in the world but the employer is hiring ME, not the PAPER (which can’t show work etiquette and many other stuff). Okay, it’s kind of regretful to say that the cost of that very 1 year is VERY VERY… unaffordable to me.

I can’t say BLT is tougher to score (I haven’t been through BMS year 2/3)… But one thing’s for sure is that the notes (60+ slides in a hour?!) and training is so vigorous (NO HOLIDAYS FOR 1.5 YEARS).

At least Sok Chin got her Silver medallist at the end of the course. I didn’t revise a wee bit until the exams come knocking (and I answer it late) so I deserve the result of GPA 3+. Heck, I think it’s already incredible I can get over 3 already. Or was it borderline 3? I don’t even dare to check 😀 At least my CCA is well-decorated despite the tight schedule right? *Fails attempt to console myself

Anyway, I ended up working at quest labs with Sok Chin +___+ again. After FYP at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, we kinda sworn not to see each other again, though it’s not serious. But I must say it’s much easier than many other jobs that I could’ve been doing with many other diplomas. I may not work in this line for long but the knowledge about the healthcare industry and the intricacy of communications is good experience and knowledge.

I’m sure most of my Singaporean friends and relatives will have their last breath at one of the local hospitals; and myself too. At least I’ll die at a place I know better than most others, recognizing the hospital as a place of recuperation than passing on.


2 thoughts on “The one bus that changed my life

  1. Ricky Koean says:

    Thanks for mentioning me! Sorry, that I stood you up! I know too late but seriously u should have stay in BMS… We are still homie!

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