List of hate

 to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward;to be unwilling

I don’t have people whom I hate, it’s too strong a word. I dislike certain people but not intensely? I just thought I want to list them out for… fun. Because I haven’t really given it much thought but I’m not sure if this will be any bit interesting for you. Maybe you’ll know me a bit more.

  1. Passive smoking
  2. Waiting for people
  3. Waiting for bus
  4. Making people wait (excluding shower time)
  5. Deep-fried food
  6. Fast-food chains
  7. Carbonated drinks
  8. People who refuse to give way to incoming runners at pavement
  9. People who cuts queue (and stares at you? happened on Friday but she’s old… never mind)
  10. Braggers (most of which whose head can’t fit the hat)
  11. Dishonesty (In sports? talk about sportsmanship. In games? In relationship)
  12. Bathing in cold water
  13. Sunny days
  14. PRAWNS (It gives me the itch and the most irritating part is that it HAD to appear so often in dishes)
  15. Sluts (I’m still straight as always)
  16. Missing my breakfast

Maybe I should dedicate a whole new post to my prawn allergy. The itch, the agony…


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