Completed exercise schedule.

I was actually looking for some other pictures to upload instead… But I find it cool since I have been fascinated by dinosaurs since the movie Jurassic Park (when the f*** is the 4th of the series coming out?! I must survive till that day). Why, I have NEVER EVER required motivation to exercise because I feel guilty when I don’t. Funny? D: Yeah, I don’t really know why. It’s not that I will get out of shape because I have comparable metabolism to a t-rex (while I’m at the same paragraph).

I made three different schedules.

Basically the schedule is done in phases of three. Each phases consists of four different weekly routine which makes up to a month. That would mean I have made 9 months worth of schedule should I move out of each phase at the end of each month. I don’t intend to post it up here until I see myself giving commitment to it. Wait, why did I make 9 months worth when I only have >6 months to BMT?!? Okay, by now you probably noticed that my blog posts are unscripted and unaltered (unless there’s blatant grammar or vocab mistakes) after typing it out. I JUST TYPE. And therefore very random too.

Blah blah blah… It consist of plyometrics, yoga (just want to have a go), legs & back, abdominals, chest & back, shoulders & arms, kenpo, stretch and finally core synergistics. Yes I included what the famous P90x is composed of. I modified a lot of stuff to suit myself.

But I still haven’t have every equipment I need… my own mat (because I don’t think my sister is willing to share), chin-up bar (sick of people smoking at the fitness smoke-and-call corner) and probably a few free weights. I already had resistant bands with credits to my 2ND SISTER ANGELIA THAN. I shouldn’t be reminding her but I still owe her 10.. or 20 bucks ):

Whilst trying to get my equipment, I followed up with asking the guy if we can help each other promote each other’s business (still fitness category). That is, if I can get it up in time. NOVEMBER 8th, my enlistment date.

If a President has time to run a country and have a good sleep… I can do better.


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