World record suck!

 Recently came across a huge bunch of people boasting about their 2.4km timing in a forum decked inch by inch by locals. If there’s a hinge for my jaw, it must’ve been unscrewed by the time I finished the thread. There are some who will state the timing of those in his camp whereas most others will fall in the >9minute category.

And it’s almost every one of them. Why boast to a crowd of strangers? There MAY be genuine ones in the thread but I think it would be ridiculous for anyone true-to-heart to join in such thread.

And then people start comparing Singapore’s record which pales in comparison with many other country. There shouldn’t be any excuse for poorer performance but it has to be said that the timing/record taken from that location is a major factor. Singapore is so freaking humid and warm, it’s a given that performance will be hindered. Try taking 2.4km on high altitudes and tell me if it’ll be the same.

Then it led me to think that the World Record isn’t good to compare with past records unless weather condition and equipment (look @ swimming) are the same. Of course they are meant to be broken but you can’t say the modern athlete performed better… that is discrediting their predecessors.

Did you know the centrifugal forces and the shape of the Earth’s gravity can vary by nearly half a percent between major cities? In pole vaulting jump of 5m, it could make a difference of 2cm. I wonder if the professional athletes/coach actually take into account such factor and not waste the 3 attempts they have.

Math doesn’t lie.


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