This space is getting neglected for a bit… despite the countdown to 100th post soon.

I’m thinking to schedule ‘blog’ days instead of just just coming on as and when I like. A good way to keep life more routine  organised? Since I’ve been taken a liking for the exercise schedule.

Thinking Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday would be good… But thrice a week seems a bit tedious, eh? Although there seem to be unlimited amount of things I can post up here.

Actually the reason why I’ve been neglecting this is because of my new-found love with my iPad(after all the comparison on iPad and iPod touch, I’ve gotten both at half the retail price). I got 64gb for both but I’ve finally realised… I can’t even fill it up to half the capacity!

I should probably leave the content till tomorrow… I have many HQ photos of the included set including it’s barely noticeable blemishes on the back cover of the iPad. There are countless stuff I want to talk about the apps.


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