Take caution of people


Watch 美人心计, you will love the intricate ploy. Furthermore, it is conveniently available from Funshion. Sadly, there is no subtitles and the platform for Funshion is in Chinese (traditional). You will feel the rue and anguish of the people who are fooled around by the politics of the concubines in order to attain and hold onto power. It’s a drama but historically true.

Have you find yourself start to be more wary of other’s action and moves as you get older? These were brought on over time with past experiences. Friends have backstabbed you? Relatives have forsaken you?

Life’s vicissitudes and harrowing lessons were necessary to let us ‘mature’ and learn any means to not be taken advantage of. I haven’t always been able to accept my dismal plight…

Have you ever tried to justify deplorable behaviour of them? She lied because she can’t come up with a good reason. He is stressed that’s why he took out on me.

Like I have trusted my game account (back in Secondary years) to both real-life friend and online friends before… There are two who are trustworthy. And another two who devastated me. I willingly offered to share my account because they themselves have been hacked… they’d understand a bit more. The first time I got hacked… I didn’t learn my lesson (I still regarded that person as a friend).

I had a fresh start and ended up (unknowingly) the best equipped character in the whole of the server. Establishing the most organized and highest ranked(?) guild at the same time. Again… I allowed 2 person to share with me. Was on the brink of becoming perhaps the first ever dexless assassin in the world with levels >100 (no I’m not shitting this one out). Eventually the newest addition (3rd person) took my stuffs and sold it off for more than 3,000 SGD worth of online equipment.

I was enlightened that my trust needed some calibration. Exactly why you never share your bank account PIN with anyone, right? 玉不琢不成器: A person needs training and discipline to build character.

防人之心不可無 (You can never lower your guard to anyone). You may find that it’s kind of bad… but the trust you earn through this method, would it weigh out evenly to the risks you expose yourself to?

You may even feel emancipated from determining a person’s trustworthiness by first placing each and everyone on the same level ground. Let trust be earned and not given.


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