Singapore: Sports Nation?

Can we actually pull it off? But I’m still happy (excited? Depends on how I view 40 years of age) that such development is upcoming. We don’t have a thriving sports culture and there’s no surprise considering the system here is jammed pack with obstacles. (Now, I’m trying really hard not to digress into other stuff)

The aim: to produce a regular supply of world-class athletes

Considering the amount of nerds sought-after scholars our country can produce, that is easily within reach… Though, what got us here won’t get us there. I mean Singlish (and our accent) came to be(?) because our parents whack the half-bucket of tea & wine. 

CULTURE, that’s what we need.  Most Singaporeans believe that we cannot produce good athletes because it is not lucrative in rewards… seriously? I mean this tiny island has done fairly well in the international gaming scene despite this tiny population (there’s easily more gamers in the US than the population of our country, mark that down). Why do you think the Samba kids play better (with moves that gets adrenaline going)? Well, they do because they are exposed playing with better opponents (guys a few years older kicking casual football on empty fields) and most of these guys never even went through professional training.

(I am really tempted to (digress) write about why Singaporean parents wants their kid to pursue academic excellence… LOL)

It begins with the community interest in participating sports at a casual level… Then small competitions for different skill level. To be honest, there will be a lot more benefits for the govt. and the country as a whole because there would be more health-conscious citizens and thus less medical liability and helps create job like physiotherapy (LOL, inevitably there will be more injuries), coaches, sports retail sales and… many other (I just can’t up with it right now).

I do note that these jobs are all ‘interactive’ jobs that have people mingle and talk to each other. There’s countless research on how an inactive, unsociable life can lead to and I figured that this can help the mental state of the nation as well because people influences people (again, another research that shows that the average rating for happiness in the city doesn’t deviate much. Like within 1 s.d. for those who have learnt statistics.)

Furthermore these jobs encourage a healthier circulation of currency within the economy much better than say… in the office? (I’ve been reading a lot on investments and bonds on my iPad).  Say, I’m a billionaire…. I can afford to pay 100 people to do nothing but paint how I look all day long… They still get their money but they won’t be doing anything useful or productive to society at all… not promoting growth (there’s actually a lot of jobs like that excluding food & beverages and many essential services).

+ Singapore is a really boring place with limited entertainment spots for the locals.

*I don’t think I can explain my entire…. theory on how to “inject” culture/interest into a generation of set time so. Bye.


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