Save my wallet from the green frog.

4 Sakae buffet in a span of 2 month ( +1 Sake platter). It always ended with distastefulness because I ended up taking too much… But the craving will return afterwards D:

I need to take the ‘like’ off Sakae sushi on facebook because that’s the leading cause and reminder to all my sashimi and handrolls 😀    Bloody frog… and to think I’ve been eating at the cafeteria @ TMC everyday to save up! ($2.30). But at least my ebay spree has stopped. And I managed to hold back my temptation to buy a new bagpack.

[Nobody will care if you got a new bag or like you better because you own newer stuffs.] << I just had to go look up on quotes for putting oneself off of buying unnecessary stuff.

Btw, Toa Payoh Ent. Ctr has unlimited red plates for buffet at the price of 27.90++ … 7.90$ more compared to those from other outlets but limited to only 1 red plate. But you can only pick up plates off the belt instead of ordering. Not a dealbreaker although it sounds like one. But I think more people are getting aware about the promotion so there is a rise in number between the last two visits.

Alright, I think I’ll just have to stop thinking about Japanese food for the next 2months till I get enlisted… And I haven’t even got used to bathing in cold water yet. Apparently, swimming and bathing in cold water are two very different things.

Random: Ran Lin smsed me that people from his bunk heard girl(s) screaming but he was asleep. Wow, that is pretty awful to hear but there is always such stories throughout BMT history I suppose. So I can already make up a short list of negatives I’m not looking forward to already.


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