Most disturbing 2011

I know it says disgusted on the photo but… that’s the face I made when I witness what I saw.

I had to verify my eyes with colleague and lab manager that I’m not seeing things because I want to… There’s a sperm in the urine sample. It can be an occasional find, I saw it when I’m doing UFEME bench at NUH. But it’s a specimen collected from a 4 year-old… girl.

Well, in the end it’s concluded to be a contaminant from the neighboring chamber (although I have already thrown the KOVA slide and no way to confirm) after centrifuging and removing the supernatant for microscopy. I highly doubt it is a case of sexual abuse etc. since it’s supposed to be a routine lab test for abnormalities.

I still can’t get it off my head, though.

Another matter… a possibility of an infant mix-up OR the mother had an affair. Because the blood group is simply not possible judging from the parent’s blood group. Either way… that really suck.

Well, at least I identified guessed (wild guess>> strike!) a Bombay Asian during this short stint of laboratory work before NS. Didn’t waste what I was taught (thought I’ll never ever get to see one). I doubt I’ll return to this line ever, though. From what I’ve observed, I don’t think it’s worth the time and investment… Ahh, at least I found this out because I took the Diploma route. Had I took A levels and gone into this field, I’m in some deep shit. You learn a lot, you don’t get much back.


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